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Thread: Entertainment All-Stars: BR

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    Entertainment All-Stars: BR

    Which is better? A comic book or a movie? What about the internet? Or video games? What about anime?

    Well, let's find out!

    The theme of this BR is to find out which form of Entertainment can kick the shit out of one another. This BR will have 6 teams, each with 2 members. There will be Team Anime, Team Internet, Team Comics, Team Movie, Team Video-Games and Team TV.

    The rest is just your classic BR battle. You sign up with one character (make sure it fits the team you want), and then you watch it unfold.

    Team Anime
    1. Saitama (Juiz)
    2. Inferno Cop (Log)

    Team Movie
    1. Ash (sane)
    2. Mace Windu (moon)

    Team Internet
    1. Axe Cop (Ranger)
    2. Slenderman (Hench)

    Team Comics
    1. Red Sonja (Dion)
    2. Ghost Rider (Polar)

    Team Video-Games
    1. Corvo (Brad)
    2. Wesker (Brine)

    Team TV
    1. Bismuth (Popplio)
    2. The Stig (YN)

    Chapter List:
    1. Introduction
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket View Post
    Is Juiz darth vader? i hope so because that means he gets to be a dad

    Quote Originally Posted by Dion View Post
    This isn't the first time Juiz has given Sane a forced analysis pounding and it won't be the last.
    Quote Originally Posted by Samilton View Post
    juiz is a revolutionary
    Quote Originally Posted by Dion View Post
    get cancer
    Quote Originally Posted by Samilton
    They're called Japanese people, Juiz

    Quote Originally Posted by Gika
    The fiirst rule of is: You do not tell Juiz what to do.
    The second rule of is: You DO NOT tell Juiz what to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sans
    do you have a moment to hear about our lord and savior juizus
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket View Post
    sorry polar, im a moderator of the people

    and the people say you suck
    Quote Originally Posted by sane View Post
    "Don't be such a pussy Sam." shouted Juiz, the big, strong, captivating godly man that he was.

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    I love juiz more than his girlfriend does

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    No team TV?

    Axe Cop - Team Internet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz View Post
    I once heard Ranger was a legend.
    Now I can confirm Ranger is a legend.

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    Corvo (Dishonored) Team Video Games
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    Quote Originally Posted by rangernumberx View Post
    No team TV?

    Hellboy - Team Comics
    Good point, adding it

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    Let's go with
    Inferno Cop
    Team Internet/Team Anime (It basically counts as an anime but it was posted directly onto the internet so your call kek)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lohuydahutt View Post
    Let's go with
    Inferno Cop
    Team Internet/Team Anime (It basically counts as an anime but it was posted directly onto the internet so your call kek)
    Added it to Team Anime, cause it's more of an anime than an internet thing

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    KSI for Team Internet
    Quote Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
    Hench is a rapping god.

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    Team TV:
    Bismuth (Steven Universe)
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    The Stig team T V


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