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Thread: The Sane Train 2.0

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    I'm probably going to watch an anime or something so everyone come together and suggest one for me.
    So far I've got Sword Art Online as my potential show to watch because I've heard the name.

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    Don't watch Sword Art Online ever, it fucking sucks.

    Watch Parasyte -the Maxim-, it's short enough and really good.
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    As a person who doesn't really like anime as much as the others, I'd suggest One Punch Man. It's very enjoyable and very funny, even for a non-anime fan

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    Wath FMA: Brotherhood

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    NicePeter vs EpicLLoyd 2 review

    I liked it. Saw it twice now. Probably won't ever see it again.


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    excellent review you should review the weezer vs weezy video

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    Love the avi btw Polar

    Weezer vs Wheezy

    Was a lot of fun. I loved working on it and would really like to do it again sometime.

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