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Thread: The Sane Train 2.0

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    The Sane Train 2.0


    Upcoming: (no order)

    Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill
    Under the Skin
    Young Frankenstein
    Thoughts on Kung Fu Panda series
    Barton Fink
    Synecdoche, New York
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    Review Barton Fink, because I"m not sure what to think after watching it

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    Creed is directed by Ryan Coogley (Fruitvale Station) and stars Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station, Chronicle) and Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo). It's a continuation of the Rocky movies that have been a must-see for all movie fans. So why haven't I seen any before? I'm ashamed to admit that honestly. I've never seen a Rocky movie. I know a bit about them, but never sat down to watch it. So, I am able to judge this based on a movie itself, not so much as a Rocky movie. I actually had the ticket to watch Mockingjay: Part 2, and was sitting in the theater with my friends when I realized I don't care for Hunger Games. I then talked to a guy who said "Yeah go watch Creed. Good choice by the way."

    This movie is without a doubt, the best movie I've seen so far of 2015, and that's saying something because I've recently seen quite a few good ones. What's the story? Apollo Creed's son Adonis wants to become a professional fighter, but doesn't want his namesake to be the reason why. So he hides who he really is, all the while by being trained by Rocky Balboa. It follows the formula of other Rocky movies, guy trains, guy fights, loves girl, but it works so good. There's a few things I want to specifically point out before I rate it.

    The fighting: It looks amazing. It really does, you believe these guys are taking hits. There's one fight in the middle, that is done in one take. It's really just amazing to witness.

    The directing: Ryan Coogley is a name to look out for. Fruitvale Station was great, and this was amazing. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this guy.

    The acting: Michael B. Jordan and Stallone, are both getting nominated for Oscars. I'm calling it. I think Stallone will win. This movie can be heartbreaking at times, humorous at others and intense at the rest. The chemistry between Stallone and Jordan is perfect, and Jordan's love interest Bianca (will edit actresses name later) also did a damn fine job in this.

    I've said all I can say. Creed gets a 10/10.

    Goof: Ryan Coogler.
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    10/10 huh? I might get over my dislike for the "rookie goes pro" genre and watch it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eltrut Ecuas View Post
    10/10 huh? I might get over my dislike for the "rookie goes pro" genre and watch it
    I wouldn't call him so much of a rookie. In a career sense, yeah, he's been in one fight. However, the dude is no rookie when it comes to fighting.

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    Coming fresh off of Creed, I decided to watch the Rocky movies. I'll probably have them all reviewed by the end of the week honestly. I'm not going to watch any without my dad, (except the 6th one) mainly because he loves these so much. I never knew how much they meant to him, but damn I can see why.

    Rocky is the motivational sports movie starring Sylvester Stallone as the titular boxer, who trains vigorously in order to fight the champion, Apollo Creed. I'm so glad I finally started watching these movies, because both Creed and Rocky are truly amazing movies. Sylvester Stallone kills it as Rocky, and he truly cares for this franchise, which is great to see.

    I think it's safe to assume most of you have seen Rocky, but if you haven't, it's called one of the best for a reason.

    Rocky gets a 10/10.

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    Thoughts on The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead is the only show I currently watch at the moment. It's one of the few shows where I tune in every episode and talk about next weeks with fellow fans. This show has a significant impact on my life, but there are certain aspects of the show that I despise. While I haven't read the comics, although I have the first 98 issues, I know everything that happens in them. I have read some scenes that are done very well, with great dialogue and characters. You would think that the show has great source material to choose from right?

    Let's start at season one, directed by Frank Darabont. You may know him from Shawshank Redemption, and the Green Mile. Some things were changed from the comics but for the most part season one was actually really great. The only drawback I have to it is that we aren't as familiar with the characters and the world at the moment, so some things seem kind of "newbieish." I do love this season, and it is the best one of the show, but it still suffers from being a new show. I can't fault it for that however, but I can fault AMC for not allowing Frank to come back for any more seasons, but I'm not that informed on the true reality of the situation to discuss that.

    Season 2 is the worst. It has some good character development and maybe a couple of good episodes, but in reality it is a low-budget attempt at impressive dialogue and good characters. The majority of this season consists of a group talking around a vehicle, on a farm. Some characters make dumbass decisions, while others do shine as stand out characters. It is required to watch if you plan on watching more, but it's not very good.

    Season 3 is not as bad, but still pretty bad. We get some new characters, who actually do cooler things than our new season 2 characters, and our first official villain, The Governor. I don't have a problem with the actor who plays him, but David Morrisey should have gotten a much better chance to play this evil character. There were some stupid things in this season, but there were some great ones. My favorite episode of the entire show is episode 12 of this season, titled "Clear". The episode focuses on 4 characters only, and has some amazing lines and performances.

    Season 4 is fine, but it wasn't that enjoyable for me. I still don't know what my problem is with this season. It's probably the third best season, and that's only because the latter half really slows down a lot for my taste. The Governor is still a factor in this season, and I actually like him a lot better than in season 3. This season has some stand out episodes, as well as some amazing performances, specially Melissa McBride as Carol. I just don't remember this season as much as the rest, but it is actually pretty good. I think this is around the time Scott Gimple directs the show, and you can tell the difference.

    Season 5 is the second best season, and it really starts with the premiere. It is one of the most intense and controversial episodes of the Walking Dead, and I loved it. The rest of the season actually doesn't drop in quality, except for one episode. Remember how my second worst season holds my favorite episode? Well, my second best season holds my worst. The mid season finale ends, and it's pretty damn good, however, once we come back, the show dedicates an entire episode to a character I love in the comics, who they ruined in the show. It has great symbolism and acting, I just wish they didn't ruin this character so much as to where we didn't care about him.

    Season 6 so far has had some good moments, but the only thing keeping me watching is the future of the show. I'm not going to touch on this season until it ends, so leave it at that. The next half may be better, but so far, it's not that good.

    In all, I love the Walking Dead, but damn it makes some stupid ass decisions at time. I enjoy Gimple's directing, but I really wish Darabont was still here. Just imagine what the show would be like.

    ^No spoilers.

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    review cool cat saves the kids

    or bee movie idk either will do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Rocketansky View Post
    review cool cat saves the kids

    or bee movie idk either will do
    I will do both.

    Also Rocky II and Home tomorrow.

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