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Thread: Forum Staff Log

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    Rocket's Avatar Only the Strong Survive
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    Apr 2012
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    Action: Made a thread for the new battle
    Reason: It's out famalam

    Action: Deleted a thread
    Reason: Duplicate of the thread I already made

    Quote Originally Posted by YellowNerd
    This man speaks words of truth.
    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    rocket-senpai makes my kokoro go doki doki

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    The Edge of Reality
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    Action: Changed names
    Reason: Requested

    Action: Updated name list
    Reason: Needed to be updated

    Action: Locked threads
    Reason: Requested

    Action: Merged two posts in "The Pseudonymph Ideas Thread"
    Reason: Double post, verbal warning was issued.

    Action: Issued two infractions
    Reason: Ignoring Staff requests.

    Action: Banned member "Exagaga"
    Reason: Spambot.

    Action: Banned member "dDTayl12"
    Reason: Spambot.

    Action: Banned member "Tayin19"
    Reason: Spambot.

    The following spambots were also banned, I used the advanced search to clean up any bots that were missed over the past year because I was bored (Past year turned into the years 2016, 2015, and 2014. God help me):

    Pomity, Beirst44, Swout1938, Wrout1975, Th0Ls0l0t, BuTc43y, Thoing, Sprour17, Janus123, Camer1967, Hountruch, CoordinatedLiqui, Hary128, pimpim, vova123, 733back, Grekinlaw, nobullroofing, Nessfaime, magnusweb, TenderCareLawnSe, Stoon1982, jourrapide, Joe Justin, juolinkoop, balitoursd, sharblaine, Hichader1966, jerrykopid, ShirleySChoy, gogototl, RachelSCuadra, danielkimbre, jackomoop, ugagames, leeratliff1, Cumbefted, Maiden0123, jillmokier, leekimool, freeticral, lisoperlu, toastiqool, Theivereeted708, Criongul1953, leomfry, ArturoSchatz, Grearlacte025, Duchis, Youresioure1958, DavidVJefferson, butabooth, RobertoDMurray, alexandralopez40, Teuttlying012, Twereper, AnnaWMolinaro, elaacause, Maught, Wastione, Alvin, Barclayee, Aarons, christchristina, princedeep, acle1980, Bidermissele, ScottNMay, TimLLewis, MatthewPHope
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    le epic maymays xdd:
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket View Post
    Is Juiz darth vader? i hope so because that means he gets to be a dad

    Quote Originally Posted by Dion View Post
    This isn't the first time Juiz has given Sane a forced analysis pounding and it won't be the last.
    Quote Originally Posted by Samilton View Post
    juiz is a revolutionary
    Quote Originally Posted by Dion View Post
    get cancer
    Quote Originally Posted by Samilton
    They're called Japanese people, Juiz

    Quote Originally Posted by Gika
    The fiirst rule of is: You do not tell Juiz what to do.
    The second rule of is: You DO NOT tell Juiz what to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sans
    do you have a moment to hear about our lord and savior juizus
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket View Post
    sorry polar, im a moderator of the people

    and the people say you suck
    Quote Originally Posted by sane View Post
    "Don't be such a pussy Sam." shouted Juiz, the big, strong, captivating godly man that he was.

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