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  1. A Song A Day - Day #45 FUN FACT EDITION

    My "A Song A Day" series has been running continuously since 11/24/2013.
    and there's only been 45 episodes
    and nobody comments on my shit
    but yeah this has been A Song A Day #45 with me thank you all
  2. A Song A Day - Day #44

  3. My Wall of Greats

    I was trying to think of three people who represented three qualities that I find important: tenacity, kindness/generosity, and hard-working. These are the three people who I think represent one or several of these qualities with short descriptions of why I believe they fit these qualities.


    Clara "Mother" Hale (1905-1992)
    Clara Hale lived most of
  4. I'm pregnant

    this will be my baby

    This is why I haven't been too active lately
  5. Bee Aunest...

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