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  1. Be Honest...

    IF I did a cover of Les Friction's World on Fire:

    Would anyone listen to it?
  2. Shooting The Breeze #2: Heckler and Koch GmbH (Germany, 1948-Present)

    For a decent starting point and primary resource to research yourselves:

    HK has many milestones in its history, being 69 years old aside, for you fans of phallic humor such as myself on ERBoH.

    The first and most prominent is that, despite popular belief, they pioneered the polymer handgun before Glock did with its G17 pistol. The HK VP70 (In German, roughly "Volkspistol 70" or "People's Handgun, ...
  3. STL Blog #1

    This will be a twice weekly occurrence (after this week) where I give the updates from my life, area, and experiences, all from Saint Louis Missouri. If you have any feedback or suggestions, they would be well appreciated.

    STL BLOG- Week 1

    Hey guys! Hope this goes well.

    I've been having a pretty relaxing January, as I do not have any school. I am a senior in high school, but at my school (a private school), you miss the month of ...
  4. Fazzoli's| Recruitment Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by SanicAtTheDisco View Post
    Do you guys have one of those drink machines with like, hundreds of different options for drinks? I love those man! They don't have many restaurants with those machines around here, basically just a Zaxby's an hour and a half away. We used to have a close-ish Fazzoli's but it got shut down. I never heard why, it always seemed healthy and did good business from what I hear. It had one of those cool drink machines too, I always loved experimenting with the different flavors even though a lot of them
  5. Good Viblogtions

    Yo it's about that time
    To bring forth the rhythm and bring back the activity stream
    I'm a get mine so get yours
    I wanna see sweat comin' out your Polars
    On the house tip is how I'm swinging this
    Strictly hip hop boy I ain't singing I'm blogging
    Bringing this to the entire nation
    Black, white, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, violet, magenta, turquoise, brown
    Feel the vibration
    None of these lines actually rhyme really
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